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Mellerware Grill Electric Black Variable Heat Settings 2000W "Grill Master Stand"

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Product # 27055S

Elevate your grilling experience to new levels of precision. Empowered by 2000W of performance, harness variable temperature control and an adjustable cooking height to transform every dish into a culinary masterpiece. Effortless cleaning is assured with removable parts and a convenient, removable oil pan. Embrace the undeniable power of taste today, supported by the stability of four sturdy legs.

  • 2000w
  • Variable temperature control
  • Sturdy 4 leg stand
  • Adjustable cooking height
  • Removable parts - easy to clean
  • Plastic outer housing
  • Removable oil pan
  • Thermostatically controlled pilot light
  • Cooking surface: 39 x 23.5cm
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