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Mellerware Food Dehydrator With Drying Shelves Plastic 116W "Biltong King" Locally Produced

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Product # BK002

Create your own mouth wateringly delicious biltong at home with the Mellerware Biltong King. The Biltong King comes with hanging rods for biltong and droëwors. It also has drying shelves included for your dried fruit and vegetables, the continuous air flow to speed up the drying process. The Biltong king has a light fitting to reduce the moisture build up. The new easy to assemble design makes the Mellerware biltong king a must have for all.

  • Hanging rods for biltong and droewors.
  • Drying shelves for fruit and vegetables.
  • Light fitting to reduce moisture.
  • Continuous airflow to speed up drying.
  • New easy to assemble design.
  • B22 incandescent light bulb (beyonet)
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