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Register your Mellerware Guarantees

Thank you for purchasing a Mellerware product. Mellerware guarantees that your product has been thoroughly inspected and tested before being dispatched and is free from mechanical and electrical defects and complies with the applicable safety standards. With every Mellerware product purchasedyou get a 2 year warranty as detailed in the terms and conditions below.

First Year - 1 Year Retail Warranty:

Should defects due to faulty parts or workmanship develop, under normal domestic use, within 12 months from the original date of purchase please return the product to the store from where it was purchased for a refund or replacement.

Second Year - 1 Year Extended Warranty

Mellerware takes pride in their product quality and therefore offer an extended 12 month warranty over and above the 1 Year Retail Warranty. Should defects due to faulty material or workmanship develop, under normal domestic use, after the 12 month period and within 24 months from the original date of purchase, please return the product postage pre-paid to Mellerware for repair. Mellerware will repair the product free of charge and return it to you directly. Mellerware will replace a product with a similar product in the same or better condition, if the repair cannot be conducted for whatever reason.

NB: The 1 Year Extended Warranty is only valid for customers who have registered their warranty online at www.creativehousewares.co.za within the first year after making their purchase.

Before returning your product, check the following:

  • Your household mains supply socket is in good condition, working and switched on.
  • The mains supply circuit is not overloaded (White trip switch on your DB board is off).
  • You have read the trouble shooting guide in your Instructions for Use.
  • All accessories and parts are present.

The following conditions apply:

  1. Please ensure you retain your receipt as this must be presented when making a claim under the terms of the guarantee. It is impossible to determine the guarantee period without proof of purchase, so please keep this ina safe place. (NB. Your guarantee can be scanned onto the Mellerware web site for safe storage.)
  2. If a refund or exchange is required the product must be complete with all accessories, parts and packaging. Missing parts will render the guarantee void.
  3. Upon receipt of your appliance, check it for any transport damage to ensure it is safe for use. Return it to the store as soon as possible for exchange if damaged. The guarantee is void if products are damaged after use, so please do not use the damaged product.
  4. Your product is designed for normal domestic household use. Failure to read and comply with the instructions for use, cleaning and maintenance will render your guarantee void, so please read these instructions carefully to ensure your safety, and to get the most effective use from the product. (e.g. not removing limescale; water deposits; insect infestation, and / or burnt products)
  5. Any abuse, negligent, improper or accidental use or care will render the guarantee void and Creative Housewares (Pty) Ltd will not be liable for any loss ordamage.
  6. Any attempted repair, or replacement of unauthorised parts will render the guarantee void, so please contact an authorised service centre or service agent for any service or repair requirements.
  7. NB: The guarantee on replaced products will be from the original date of purchase and not from when the date replacement was made.
  8. All repairs carry a 3 month guarantee even if this falls outside of the 2 year guarantee period.
  9. Mellerware will attempt to conduct repairs within reasonable time in line with industry standards but cannot be held responsible or liable for any circumstances not under our control.

Repairs Out of the Warranty Period

If service or repair becomes necessary outside the warranty period, this service is still available however all transport / postage, spares and labour costs will be for the customers' account. All chargeable repairs will require the customers' written acceptance of the quote. Once the go-ahead has been received Mellerware will undertake to conduct the repair within a reasonable time and maintain the condition of the product as received. All repairs are guaranteed for 3 months from the date of the repair.

For any service, enquiries and complaints please contact our Customer Care on 086 111 5006 or e-mail help@chwsa.co.za from 08h00 to 15h00 Monday to Friday excluding public holidays.

Please also note that the company is normally closed for 2 weeks around Christmas and New Year.

Please send all products for repair postage pre-paid to one of the listed service centres.


Why register your warranty?

We at Mellerware pride ourselves on bringing premium quality appliances to market, and as a commitment to thislevel of quality we offer a 2 year warranty (1 Year Retail + 1 Year Extended) on all of our products. We often hearthat our customers lose their receipts and can therefore no longer claim if they have a problem. To take advantageof the 1 Year Extended Warranty you will need to register your warranty online within the first year of purchase inorder to make a valid claim. Now you can register your product, upload your warranty online, never have to worryabout losing your receipt again and enjoy the benefit of your 2 year warranty.

Added Benefits

In addition to providing you with an online profile of your registered products we will also provide a host of value added benefits:

  • Incentives and Competitions for registered users
  • New recipes or ideas for your products
  • New product developments - be the first to get the latest appliances
  • Special offers on promotional items

How to Register your Online Warranty?

Desktop / Laptop
Smart Phone / Tablet
  • Fax the following to 021 931 4058
  • First Name and Surname
  • Contact telephone and fax number.
  • Product Model number and Type.
  • Traceability Code (found on a label on the product).
  • A clear and legible copy of your receipt.


  • The online warranty system is a safe storage facility for your receipt.
  • You will be required to register on the Mellerware website. You will receive a username and password once registered. This will give you access to your profile.
  • From your profile you will be able to load products that you have purchased. In order to successfully register your warranty you will need to either scan and upload, or fax through your receipt to us.
  • All instructions on how to load your products are available inside your profile.
  • Please note that you must check that your receipt has been uploaded correctly. Creative Housewares cannot be held responsible for faxes or files not received.
  • For assistance with registration please email: marketing@creativehousewares.co.za.