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Mellerware Table Top Water Dispenser Hot & Cold Plastic 520W “Aquaflow"

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Upgrade your kitchen or any space with the Table Top Water Dispenser AquaFlow for instant access to both hot and cold water. Say goodbye to the inconvenience of cooling in the fridge or heating in the microwave – now, experience swift ice cube production. Connect effortlessly to your running water circuit for a hassle-free and efficient hydration solution.

  • Semi-conductor cooling
  • Without any cabinet
  • Cooling capacity: 2l/hr
  • Cooling rated current: 0.9a
  • Heating capacity: 5l/hr
  • Heating power: 420w
  • Hot water temperature: = 95?
  • Cold water temperature: 6-10?
  • Refrigerant capacity: r134a, 25g
  • 520w
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